About Us

Who We Are

With willful determination to achieve excellence, KEG 1, LLC strives to be the leader in delivering both quality products and exceptional service to every customer. Our vision is a sales organization with internal accountability for operating within our philosophies of competitiveness, best practices, strong community involvement and career establishment for our employees. KEG 1, LLC implements best practices to continually enhance and drive our desire to become the model distributorship suppliers, employees and retailers enjoy partnering with.

Our Values

  • Our mission is to encourage competition, drive motivation and foster inspiration to achieve a high level of dedication in each and every employee.
  • Our goal is to help each of our employees realize and attain their full potential.
  • Our pledge is to never look at a mistake as a problem, rather to look at it as an opportunity and learn from it.
  • Our objective is to continually improve the quality of life in the work environment and our local communities through family-oriented values.
  • Our task is to honor all commitments to our customers and suppliers.
  • Our challenge is to satisfy, understand and anticipate the needs of our employees and customers.
  • Our vow of loyalty to our principles and accountability to each other shall not be compromised.

Why Choose Us

KEG 1, LLC was built on a few foundations:

  • A customer focused approach while continuously striving to add value to the suppliers represented.
  • Integration into the communities serviced and support in those markets both financially and with a dedication to associate involvement.
  • The underlying principle of integrity and professionalism – we understand the need to listen and be open-minded while having mutual respect for our customers and suppliers. We are committed to consistently pursue perfection and excellence through our actions.